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Rtings    Jan 21, 2021  

Yeedi K650 Vacuum Review

"The Yeedi K650 is very good on bare floors. It easily clears most pet hair, small debris, and bulky material from bare surfaces. As its dirt compartment fills, it struggles a bit more with large debris like cereal. It feels sturdily-built, has an okay-sized dustbin, and maneuvers itself reasonably well. "



Heavy  Jan 1, 2021 

11 Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair: Compare & Save

 "This is a sleek and modern vacuum that’s light and eager to clean. Some vacuums have numerous controls on the top, but this one is comparatively sparse. Instead, you’ll find most of the controls on the app. This pet hair vacuum also works with Alexa for voice controls."




Digital Trends  February 14, 2021

The best robot vacuums for pet hair 

 "The vac is packaged with a number of brush add-ons, including two side brushes for getting under base trim and corners, a tangle-free pet-hair brush, a multi-surface cleaning tool, and an 800ml dust bin for weeks’ worth of pet-hair grabbing."



Techhive  December 3, 2020

Yeedi K650 review: This robot vacuum is tough on pet hair

The K650 has a fairly minimal design, and its white finish is a nice change from the hordes of black botvacs on the market. On top are an Auto clean button and a Wi-Fi indicator. The power and reset buttons are located on the sides, and there’s 800ml dusbtin in back.



Reviewed   November 11, 2020 

This robot vacuum offers great performance for a bargain price  

Yes, it’s a good choice for an entry-level robot vacuum cleaner. When you compare its great cleaning performance with its low price, this deal is tough to beat. This is the kind of robot vacuum you get if you’re unsure if you need it__



Apartment Therapy    September 2, 2020

This New (Under $200!) Robot Vacuum Is Perfect for Pet Parents

 The brand just released a robot vacuum with features specifically designed for those working from home with pets. There’s an app-controlled on/off quiet mode so you can run it any time of day without annoying the neighbors, an extra-large bin so you don’t have to empty after every use, fur-friendly and clog-free silicone roller, and deep-clean suction to ensure that no debris gets left behind as it does its thing.



Rolling Stone  September 25, 2020

4 Great Robot Vacuums You Should Consider Before Getting A Roomba

We’ve tested this vacuum for ourselves, and were very impressed with its “quiet mode,” which reduces its sound to 56db (decibels). This is quieter than many normal conversations, so you can run the vacuum during video calls without disturbing the other participants.



Rtings  Feb 05, 2021

The 4 Best Robot Vacuums - Winter 2021 Reviews

If you want a budget robot vacuum but want something with a bigger dirt compartment, try the Yeedi K650. It has a fantastic performance on bare floors and does an alright job of cleaning pet hair and larger debris like sand from high-pile carpets. The battery performance is incredible as well since it provides up to nearly four hours of continuous cleaning time if you use the lowest suction setting



Buzzfeed  September 10, 2020

26 Things For Gamers Who Share A Living Space

My entire family has jumped on the robot vacuum bandwagon since spending so much more time at home during quarantine — my sister has this cute lil' white one. It cleans the house with ease and now she and her boyfriend no longer need to have a debate over whose turn it is to vacuum. Win-win!



Android Central  November 7,  2020

Yeedi K650 review: Not a fancy vacuum, but a great cleaner nonetheless

That amazing tangle-free brush, coupled with the extra-large dustbin, makes this a great budget option for pet owners or folks with long hair. It will be easier to remove those balls of fur and will prevent you from needing to pull out a razor to cut hair off of the brush, naturally allowing your device to run more effectively.



Forbes  16 July 2020 

Gift Guide 2020: What To Get Your Colleagues, Employees, And Clients This Holiday Season

This robot vacuum is designed expressly for busy, work-from-home pet owners and families in need of an effective and convenient automated cleaning solution. It features a unique “Quiet Mode” that can be activated at the touch of a button, so they can hop on important conference calls or let the baby sleep without sacrificing cleanliness.



Reviewed   December 9, 2020

The best affordable robot vacuum of 2021 

The Yeedi K650 is one of the most affordable robot vacuums on the market. During testing, it put up some competitive numbers, including picking an average of 9.3 grams of dirt per cycle. The K650 also boasts an anti-scratch top, so it’ll keep looking good long into the future.



Wired  December 10, 2020

The Best Robot Vacuums

So far, though, the Yeedi K650 is the most effective, and the most affordable, of the ones that I've tried. The battery lasts a really long time for a budget vac—more than 100 minutes—and it navigates adroitly around the most common vacuum traps in my house, like my kitchen step. Unlike the Dser vacuum, it's also Wi-Fi-enabled and connects to the Yeedi app. It's also Alexa-compatible.



 The-ambient  November 30, 2020 

Yeedi K650 robot vacuum review: Simple, sucky, and super cheap

Yeedi's huge bin and low price are its top features. The large capacity means you empty it half as often as others, so you're getting more cleaning for your money. It's also an excellent option if you have pets, as it can fit a lot of dog hair in that 800 ml capacity bin. But its cleaning prowess is hampered by a lack of smart mapping - making this a good fit for small apartments or as a robot to keep on a second floor where there are only a couple of rooms it needs to tackle.



Dengarden  December 30, 2020

Review of the Yeedi K650 Robotic Vacuum

The K650 performs far above expectations. It is extremely agile, and whenever it encounters a problematic situation, this robot always manages to extricate itself.

Despite the lack of features such as carpet boost or a sophisticated navigational system, the K650 consistently sucks up impressively large amounts of cat hair and dust.


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